A whole person health is like a puzzle, with pieces that come together to create a whole.  On this consultation you will be steered on how to place the pieces to form a whole according to your individual health and cellular function taking you to a road map for a healthy and happy life. People find themselves in different stages of getting the puzzle completed and many have grasped few pieces in place, even so, we encourage you to get your health as a whole following the wellness journey and taking the complete advantage of all the principles that Dr. Omana will give you and start working these into your day-to-day life.   By looking deeper at the pieces we already have can help you realize how other pieces fit next to them.  The spectrum is all about a choice, it is not a matter of all or nothing, moving across the spectrum is a journey that gets easier with every step that you take.  In this consult you will be given a list of foods that you can eat and foods that you can’t eat due to sensitivities, body composition and complete cell function and energy status.


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