Extra Value Complete Transformation

What is the right plan for me? A consultation for FREE 30 minutes will help you decide what is the best program for you. This is an Individualized weight loss plan for 43 days, includes:

-Comprehensive Clinical Assessment with ES-C Scan. FDA Approved. Weight Loss Guaranteed! NO WEIGHT GAIN BOUNCE!!!
-DNA Genetic Testing
-1 ES-C Scan Initial Clinical Assessment
-2 Fitness and Detox Body Wraps
-6 Sessions Face Sculpting
-1 Organic Holistic Complete Body Cellulite Treatment
-Complete Body Sculpting
-Reg. Pricing $8,020.00

Effective solutions to weight loss, including a greater understanding of how the human body and physiology work to achieve the ideal weight. All while maintaining a healthy life-style and positive outlook on life.

What are the benefits of this 8-week homeopathic weight loss program?

  1. Loss of weight/fat.
  2. Muscle tone and definition.
  3. You may use food already in your fridge & pantry - no special food buying requirements.
  4. Better flexibility.
  5. Increased energy- you’ll want to exercise.
  6. Feeling of wellness return.

Helps in the prevention of chronic diseases like:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • High Cholesterol
  • Stress

#Download Homeopathic Weight Loss Information Flyer

Homeopathic Weight Loss Program Treatment Plan
8 Week Weight Loss Transformation
  • Initial Medical evaluation
  • Lab blood work
  • Weekly progress evaluation
  • 10 individual weekly educational lectures
  • Stress management classes
  • Behavior modification strategies
  • Support group interaction
  • Single interaction (optional)
  • Nutrition classes
  • Repeat blood lab and evaluation at week 8.
  • Homeopathic weight loss medication if required.


Is this an unhealthy way to lose weight? Are there high doses of caffine, stimulants, or other drugs?
Our Homeopathic remedies are safe. Homeopathic remedies will not interfere with any medications, or affect other health issues. One of the pioneers of this program has had over 2500 clients go through his clinic, and he carefully monitored blood-work and overall health. We've been doing the program with our clients for two years, and have had no negative reactions. There is ongoing evolution and improvement. So we update the diet, remedies, and program on a regular basis.

Is this program hard?
The answer is yes AND no. We’re going to change HOW you’re going to eat, and habits are hard to change. I’m not going to lie. The diet is STRICT, but it works! Just remind yourself that you’re going to get 6 months of weight loss results in less than 4 weeks.

Will I be able to stick to the diet?
Yes! There is an exceptionally high success rate. You see results right away, and get MORE motivated after the first week. Usually the first few days are confusing, until you get used to it.

"I just started. Thursday and Friday were the two big days to eat, and I just
ate “normal”. So far so good. I’m down 5lbs (this is after 3 days!).
I feel great." -- Michelle, age 41

Do I have to join a gym, and work out everyday to lose weight?
You don’t have to make dramatic changes to your lifestyle to get results. Regular exercise is important to great health. With this program, we recommend that you maintain whatever your current routine is.

"I’m a computer programmer, and I picked up this HUGE job just as I started your
program. I was chained to my desk the entire time, and was doing LESS activity than usual.
I still lost 27lbs. I felt great. Lots of energy and alert. I didn’t even miss 
my Starbucks Frappacinos." --Tino, age 29

"I am so glad you talked me into this. I drive truck, and I sit behind the wheel 12 hours
a day. After 13 days, I’m down 22lbs. I am only taking one of my THREE Diabetic 
medications. The diet is TOUGH, but I was expecting to feel terrible. I don’t. 
I feel better than I have in YEARS. I have energy!" --Brian, age 50

Will I keep the weight off?
Probably! The end of the process is the most important. That’s where you “lock in” your new size. If you do that properly, then you’ll keep the weight off. And, if you find the scale creeping up, you have the tools to bring it back down, BEFORE it becomes a huge undertaking.

"It’s been over a year, and I’ve only gained back 5lbs. It’s entirely my fault. Well, mine and 
Krispy Kreme. I started at 297lbs. I lost 46lbs the first time around. My goal is to get
under 200lbs. The Doctor says that my blood work looks better than it has in 15 years. My back 
is better. My knees aren’t popping. And I’m hoping to completely come off 
of the Diabetes medicine. Thanks!" Brian, age 50

How much can I lose?
A lot! We’ve had clients lose well over 100lbs. This program is effective if you are stuck on the last 10lbs of your ideal, OR if you’re ready to change your life with DRAMATIC weight loss. Don’t be shy. Don’t be discouraged. I don’t care if nothing else has worked, or how far you have to go. I’m here to help you to be successful.

"I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. I’ve done every diet program, exercise
and pill. Even Gastric Bypass surgery. Your system has helped me lose 
47 pounds over the past year. I was about to be put on Insulin. I had high blood
pressure. Fibromyalgia. Each day was a struggle just to get out of bed. I was using 
a cane for my bad knee. NOW? I go to the gym, and I look and feel BETTER at 50 than 
I did at 30! For the first time in my life, I feel confident about my ability to control 
my weight. You’ve changed my life, and given me the tools I need to 
stay healthy. I’m SEXY at 50!!" --Vicky, age 50.

How does it work?
There is a three step program: 
1: Consult. We have an informal interview and discuss your goals. At this point, we tailor the program to best suit you, and accomplish your goals. We establish benchmarks, you get the printout, and Remedy (this is a special Homeopathic combination that is NOT HCG, and is specially formulated to BURN fat, keep your energy up, and not fry you with caffine, or stimulants. The formula cannot be sold directly to a consumer. It has to be dispensed by a Homeopath, or Doctor). Go home and start!
2: Weekly consult by email, or phone: You let me know how you’re doing, and we make adjustments as needed. This is where we chart your progress.
3: Wind-down: at day 23. This is where we plan for the final 30 days of the program. And schedule another round if the weight-loss goal is significant.

"Cannot believe what a change this has been. Not only have I lost 19lbs, but I’m
completely off my Blood pressure meds. And I don’t have any more trouble
with GOUT. More than the weightloss, this is going to be
a permanent change to my diet. I feel great!" --Maryann, age 67

How much does it cost?
Call for Pricing. That’s the entire cost of the program including the remedy, the consults, and the diet outline. I’ll not only promise that you’ll get great results and feel better, I GUARANTEE that you’ll make REAL progress towards your goals.

"I have NEVER, EVER had the scale go the other way. Now, at age 64 years
old, I’m in a smaller size than I was in college. Blood Pressure 
NORMAL! Lost 37lbs in 3 weeks." --Peter, Age 64

So, why are you hesitating? You have NO RISK!! The results are guaranteed. The only thing you have to LOSE is WEIGHT. And the HEALTH benefits are HUGE.

"I did your program last year and lost over 60lbs. Mostly, I’ve kept it off. But I over-indulged
during the holidays and put 10lbs back on. I appreciate your suggestion to get back on the
program. After 8 days, the 10lbs were gone. It was easy, and I appreciate the
discounted price on the remedy. I know the program very well now,
and I didn’t need as much advice." --Stan, age 69


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