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    Evolution Weight-Management Program

    The Evolution Weight-Management Program has two different options; 500 calorie and 1000 calorie. Both programs have three distinct phases: the Detox Phase, Restrictive Diet Phase (can be followed 23 or 43 days) and Maintenance Phase. Included in the program Dr. Alicia Omaña offers a FREE Health and Endothelial Cell Functional Assessment Scan report yielding a customized list of foods and nutrients recommended for your diet and individual needs for your body.

    Evolution Weight-Management Program

    • Encourages improvement in body composition.
    • Targets the real underlying cause of obesity: non-essential fat stores.
    • Provides a weight-management solution for patients who have “tried everything” and are ready to start losing the right kind of weight!

    Continuing a Healthy Lifestyle: Once your goal weight is achieved, a patient can begin to reintroduce additional food choices. We provide you with the tools you need to continue to make healthy choices.

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