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VISITING YOUR FAMILY MEDICAL DOCTOR IS NOT the same as seeing a Naturopathic doctor (ND).
The medical models of care that MDs and NDs use to treat their patients are very different. MDs tend to focus on reactive healthcare; utilizing pharmaceutical prescriptions or surgeries when appropriate. Reactive healthcare is imperative in emergent, life threatening or severe physical injuries or poisonings. We need Medical doctors for this type of care.

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) on the other hand are health care providers who specialize in preventative healthcare, chronic disease management and optimal living strategies. We are detectives for your health, combining your medical history, symptoms, lab tests and physical examinations to understand the patterns of imbalance you are presenting and finding the causes for these imbalances.

NDs are health detectives to understand the patterns of imbalance.
Where reactive care can no longer safely suppress symptoms or cut out a diseased organ, we can provide empowering lifestyle changes to reverse the cause of distress and improve quality of life. We give clients/patients back autonomy and responsibility for their health.

Naturopathic medicine is the merging of Western science with Eastern traditional medicine to promote healing of the whole person (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) from the root of the issue. Naturopathic medicine supports the body to heal itself, not suppress symptoms.

  1. INITIAL INFORMATIVE CALL. You are welcome to contact Omana Natural Wellness Center & MedSpa Center or visit our website; we offer a Free New Prospect consult for 20 minutes with Dr. Omaña. We will answer your questions about how our clinic works, what services we offer, we make sure that you have all the information you need to make the decision to embark on your health journey with us.
  2. INITIAL NATUROPATHIC APPOINMENT. When you schedule your initial appointment, we will provide you with Intake forms as new patient/Client. Our staff can either email or mail this to you, or you can print and fill it out through the link on our website by clicking under Resources. For security reasons, the electronic version does not have a credit card authorization form, so we will contact you to get your credit card number in advance of your appointment.
  3. We do not accept health insurance. Our Invoices are not health insurance filing. We accept payments through your Health Savings Account (HAS) and Flexible Accounts,all credit cards, checks or cash.
  4. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your appointment.

ON THE INITIAL NATUROPATHIC VISIT. During your first visit, you will spend 45 (children) to 60 (adults) minutes with your naturopath, either in person or on the phone or Health Portal System (HIPPA approved). During this time, she will go over your intake paperwork with you, gathering information on the history of your illness, reviewing previous lab work done, getting a clear picture of your current symptoms, and previous treatments and therapies you have done. She will do an evaluation to assess the function of your cells with a ES-C scan (non-invasive) yielding a printable report (one copy for you and another copy for your our file) to serve as a road map for your health, this report includes a list of food sensitivities with foods that you can and cannot eat for the next 30 days. We recommend repeating this scan every 30 days as an assessment for your health improvement. 

She will also go over the medications and supplements that you take. Your willingness to be fully open and honest during this time is very important – the more honest you can be, the better we are able to help you. Your commitment and determination to improve your health is a pivotal key for your balance as a whole. 

Once the doctor feels that she has all the information she needs, she will give you her clinical impressions of your imbalances, and how she would like to approach your specific imbalance. If she feels that lab work is necessary, she will outline what she would like to run and the process for doing that.

Finally, the doctor will make and individualize protocol with recommendations for your beginning stages of improvement. This includes nutrition modifications, lifestyle factors, emotional release, homeopathic, botanicals (herbs) and/ or other supplements. While sometimes comprehensive protocols depend on lab results being in, she will usually get you started on a plan to get you feeling better right away. Please be aware that if you have multiple questions and overtime is required to answer them, you will be charged an extra fee. 

Follow-up Consultations

Follow up visits are anywhere from 2-4 weeks after the initial, depending on pending lab work. These visits are shorter, 30 minutes for children and 45 minutes for adults. Please be aware that if you have multiple questions and overtime is required to answer them, you will be charged an extra fee. 

During follow up consultations, the doctor will ask you how you have been feeling since the previous visit; how things might have changed with the health and protocol plan; and an outline of what symptoms are better, which are worse/ new symptoms, and which are unchanged. Having lists prepared for the doctor is tremendously helpful – medication/ supplement lists, symptom lists and a list of questions you may have for her. Proper follow up is the single most important aspect of your treatment because it allows us to monitor your progress and change therapies as necessary to ensure that your progression towards health is as quick and smooth as possible. As your health improves, you will need less frequent follow-ups.

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